Administrative Offices

The executive governing board manages the University. The executive board (Rectorate) consists of four members: the chairperson of the board (the Rector), the full-time member of the board responsible for managing the University's economic and personnel affairs (the Provost), and the part-time members of the board (the Pro-Rectors).

The Rector represents the University and is the chairperson of the Senate. In addition to managing the University's economic and personnel affairs, the Registrar is also in charge of the budget.

At an operational level, the board's key responsibility is to implement the strategic objectives agreed with the University Council.

Professor Dr. Karin Vach

Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Dammer (Learning, Teaching and Internationalisation)
Professor Dr. Alexander Siegmund (Research, Sustainability and Digitalisation)

Stephanie Wiese-Heß

Referent to the Rectorate

Christine Schreber
200 (Old Building)
+49 6221 477-139

Secretary to the Rector

Beate Damann-Hanser
203 (Old Building)
+49 6221 477-6112
+49 6221 477-444 (Fax)

Secretary to the Pro-Rectors

Ruth Schneider
206a (Old Building)
+49 6221 477-168

Secretary to the Registrar

Christelle Hiemstra
208 (Old Building)
+49 6221 477-6114
+49 6221 477-126 (Fax)