Masters degree in E-learning and Media Education (Elmeb21)


  • The art of communication: developing – producing – evaluating educational media.
  • A hands-on approach to learning: from producing audiovisual media to integrating it into the modern learning environment.
  • Teaching and learning using media: from media didactics and media theory to media analysis and media critique.


  • Using a range of different learning methods: lectures and blended learning, seminars and project-based units.
  • Interdisciplinary approach. 


  • In the most picturesque city in Germany: Heidelberg.
  • In a region evolving into a media hub: the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Comments on the course

"Lehrer Online views the Elmeb21 course as a wonderful opportunity for teachers to gain the skills to become the 'teachers of the future, looking to the future'". (Gabi Netz, from Lehrer Online)

As a qualified teacher, Elmeb 21 is an excellent way for me to expand my teaching skills in the area of e-learning and media education, giving me the tools I need to meet the educational challenges ahead, in which media will play a key role (Frauke Brümmer, student on the course).

"From my perspective as a media technician, the course demonstrates how well media and education can complement each other" (Sabine Koch, student on the course).

Thank you for your interest!

Please direct all general enquiries to the Studies Office

Please direct any questions you may have on course content to the professor in charge of the course:

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lorenz
+49 6221 477-163 (Sec.)
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