Faculties and Institutes of the Heidelberg University of Education

Are you interested in learning more about the range of subjects available at Heidelberg University of Education? Or are you looking for a particular centre or faculty-related unit?

The faculties are responsible for organising teaching and the programmes of study. Each faculty provides detailed information on the subjects it offers and its institutes or units, such as teaching workshops and resource centres. 

The University of Education is divided into the following three faculties:

  • Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (I)
    • Institute for Educational Sciences
    • Institute for Special Needs Education
    • Institute for Psychology
    • Institute for Living Environment Studies (I and III)

  • Faculty of Cultural Studies, Arts and Humanities (II)
    • Institute for German Language and Literature
    • Institute for Foreign Languages
    • Institute for Philosophy and Theology Education
    • Institute for Fine Arts and Crafts, Music and Media

  • Faculty of Natural and Sociological Sciences (III)
    • Institute for Sociological Sciences
    • Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Institute for Natural Sciences, Geography and Technical Education
    • Institute for Living Environment Studies (I and III)

Key facilities

  • Library
  • Computing Center
  • Media Center
  • Professional School
  • International Office/Intercultural Forum