Further training at Heidelberg University of Education

Professional School

Since 1968 the Professional School (formerly Institute of Further Training) has offered teachers a varied range of training courses. It works closely with the university and the staff to ensure that practical considerations are taken into account. 

Over the past few years, further training has emerged as one of the most important and effective instruments in improving the quality of schools and teaching. Continually developing teachers' professional skills is also essential in view of the reform processes that lie ahead. Life-long learning is crucial in a field such as teaching, which carries an enormous responsibility.

Academy of Further Training

The Academy of further academic training at Heidelberg University of Education offers open and in-house further training courses as well as courses in human resource and organisation development for companies. 

Participants learn how to shape learning processes effectively, manage processes of change in a goal-oriented manner and apply coaching methods to provide their employees with expert support and thus foster their professional development. 

The academy draws on the experience it has acquired over many years to support organisations and individuals who wish to implement changes in a sustainable manner. 

Medi@tut (Media tutor programme)

The media tutor programme (Medi@tut) is a free service for students at PH Heidelberg. The workshops teach students everything they need to know about computers, the Internet and e-learning, and provide an introduction to visualisation, presentation and publication using digital media, with the option of certification at the end of the course. 


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