Internationalisation Strategy 2026

In its 455th meeting on 14.07.2021, the Senate adopted the submitted Internationalisation Strategy 2026.

In the period from January to June 2021, the working group of the new version/internationalisation strategy has developed the Internationalisation Strategy 2026  of Heidelberg University of Education.

The working group consisted of the following members: 

Anja Bast-Schneider, M.A., Managing Director CITEProf. Dr. Hans-Werner Huneke, RectorProf. Dr. Carsten Rohlfs, Internationalisation Officer Fac. IProf. Dr. Alexander Siegmund, Internationalisation Officer, Fac. III (in the absence of Prof. Dr. Bettina Degner)Henrike Schön, Academic Director, Head of AAA and CITEProf. Dr. Karin Vogt, Internationalisation Officer Fac. II

English version of the Internationalisation Strategy 2026, (PDF, 221 KB)