Research committee

The Senate delegated the review process of the project proposals to the research committee. The committee assesses the eligibility of the proposals in accordance with the "Procedural rules for proposals for research funding". It then gives the Senate a reasoned recommendation regarding the project proposals. If it assesses several proposals as worthy of funding, the research committee recommends a list of priorities to the Senate.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund

Professorial members:
Prof. Dr. Steffi Sachse
Prof. Dr. Birgit Mesch
Jun. Prof. Dr. Peter Wulff
Prof. Dr. Markus Lang (Stellvertreter)
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Oberschmidt (Stellvertreter)
Prof. Dr. Armin Baur (Stellvertreter)

Representatives of the scientific staff:
Dr. Markus Schmitt
Stefan Ulrich (Stellvertreterin)

Student members:
Lena Schneider
Jan Johann (Stellvertreter)