Promotion / Habilitation

Further scientific qualification

The University of Education provides various possibilities as well as support for additional scientific qualification around the general topic of education. This offer is directed at all young researchers. “Young researchers” thereby includes doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers. The latter includes junior professors (with and without tenure track), habilitation candidates, as well as postdoctoral researchers on their career path towards a professorship.

The Graduate School is open to all of these groups.

Graduate School

The Heidelberg University of Education is the only University of Education with its own Graduate School. The Graduate School takes the form of a semi-structured and interdisciplinary umbrella organization that supports young researchers professionally and sustainably.

The Graduate School enables young researchers to acquire professional and methodological skills as well as additional core competencies. Furthermore, it supports them in establishing and sustaining (international) research cooperations.

Some of the Graduate School’s offers are:

  • An own qualification program with various workshops, e.g., on research methodological topics and on core competencies
  • A funding program for active participations in national and international conferences
  • A tender program for research grants for the own research project
  • A mentoring program
  • A special coaching program (in cooperation with echt.coaching and Heidelberger Kompetenztraining)


We will not leave you alone! Contact us if you want further informations or if you have any questions regarding your (planned) dissertation or post-doc qualification!

Young Researchers

Join the Graduate School and profit from our numerous offers!

Secretary of the Graduate School

Lea Bender
Zeppelinstr. 3, Zi. 204, 69120 Heidelberg (Germany)

Phone: +49 6221 477-619
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