Researching and overcoming the corona pandemic

Projects and Studies at the Heidelberg University of Education

Whether it is developing vaccines or digital learning opportunities for home schooling: Researchers of various disciplines in the state Baden-Württemberg address COVID-19 in their research projects and studies. In the course of this, they also consider the societal and economic effects of the measures that are being taken to contain the pandemic. Also the crisis itself affects personal and social areas. Thus, tangible offers of information and support emerged in previous weeks that aim at making it easier to handle the crisis.

On June 20, 2020, the Baden-Württemberg state Ministry for Science, Research, and Art published an overview of selected COVID-19-research projects, studies, and offers of the state’s various universities; among them projects of the Heidelberg UoE.  According to the science minister Theresia Bauer, it is intended to show exemplarily what is being done in the corona research to fight the virus and to overcome its effects. Using #CovidScienceBW, the ministry presents three of the many projects through its social media channels daily.

In the following, nine projects of the Heidelberg UoE are listed that are among the projects which were selected by the ministry of science. For each project, a short summary and contact persons are given.