The research podcast of the Heidelberg UoE

How do deaf-blind people communicate? How can findings on the climate change be communicated in school?  How does a research cooperation across continents work? In the research podcast “Bildungsplausch” (which roughly translates to education chat or chatting about education), researchers of the Heidelberg UoE talk about current issues in the realm of education. All of this is done close to everyday life: In the conversations the researchers describe what research they currently pursue, what motivates them, and what path led them into science.

The research podcast is a collaborative project of the university’s press & communications department, research department, and transfer center.

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Episode 5: What Did Education Look Like In The Past? (English)
with Dr. Kristen Nawrotzki

Education is constantly changing. And as subjects, demographics and schools change, so does educational research. What did it mean to learn from children about children and schools in the past? And what do we learn by approaching that question from an international perspective? We welcome historian Dr. Kristen Nawrotzki from our English Department to answer those questions in the fifth episode of Bildungsplausch. We talk with her not only about her work, but also about networking in science and first steps into international research.

Ms Nawrotzki's recent publication is "Reimagining Teaching in Early 20th Century Experimental Schools", published in August 2020. Further info:

Download "Episode 5: What Did Education Look Like In The Past? (English)" (.mp3, ca. 80 MB)

Episode 1: How does it feel to be deaf-blind or hearing and visually impaired?
with Prof. Dr. Andrea Wanka

How do people with deaf-blindness and/or a hearing and visual impairment communicate? How can research approach this topic? And what does this mean for the affected persons? Prof. Dr. Andrea Wanka holds the Chair for Pedagogy of the Deaf-Blind as well as Hearing and Visually Impaired at the Heidelberg University of Education and pursues these topics. In our podcast she talks about her work and why she found her calling in this research field. 

Download "Episode 1: How does it feel to be deaf-blind or hearing and visually impaired?" (.mp3, ca. 80 MB)

Folge 0: A research chat?
with Nicole Flindt, Birgitta Hohenester-Pongratz, and Max Wetterauer

Nicole Flindt, Birgitta Hohenester-Pongratz, and Max Wetterauer are the makers of the Bildungsplausch. In this introductory episode, they talk about how the project came into being and what you, dear listeners, can expect from this format. 

Download "Episode 0: A research chat?" (.mp3, ca. 60 MB)