Grants for materials, research assistants, and advanced training

Graduate School members have the opportunity to apply for research grants. These include subsidiary funding for research assistants (e.g., for transcriptions), for materials (e.g., copies of questionnaires), or for advanced training.

Two funding pools will be available for members each year: One from the beginning to the middle of the year (Jan 01 – Jun 30) and the other from the middle to the end of the year (Jul 01 – Nov 30). Applications are possible at any point within these time periods. Within the review process, special attention is paid to completeness, correctness, and quality of the applications. Financial funding can only be granted until the pools are exhausted.

It is not possible to use these grants for electronics that can be borrowed from the university. The funding of books is only permitted, if they are purchased via the library and made available to other doctoral candidates and postdocs for a limited time period.

All objects are to be returned at the end of the project. Please consider that objects might have to be inventoried.

Find the terms of funding and the current call below (in German only).