Internal research funding

Structure, procedure, and purpose

Internal research funding is a strategic instrument to support researchers at the Heidelberg University of Education in conducting temporary and thematically focused research projects.

For this purpose, the Heidelberg University of Education provides funds annually which can be used to cover personnel and material costs for high-quality research projects.

Research projects and the researchers’ respective needs can be very different. Thus, three forms of proposals are possible. These differ in the type and extent of funding that can be applied for as well as in the comprehensiveness of the proposal to be submitted. A distinction is made between

  • Small,
  • medium, and
  • large proposals.

Small proposals are used to support smaller, already ongoing research projects with material and research assistants to ensure that the project can be successfully carried out and/or completed.

Medium proposals serve as motivation and start-up funding to apply for external funds from recognized funding institutions. Thus, they support researchers in the preparation of high-quality, eligible proposals for submission to external third-party funders.

Large proposals are intended to give researchers the opportunity to fund their research project entirely or in large parts with funds from the Heidelberg University of Education.

The Senate delegated the review process of the project proposals to the research committee. The committee assesses the eligibility of the proposals in accordance with the "Procedural rules for proposals for research funding". It then gives the Senate a reasoned recommendation regarding the project proposals. If it assesses several proposals as worthy of funding, the research committee recommends a list of priorities to the Senate. 


You can find more detailed information on the internal research funding of the University of Education in the brief information overview (in German) and in the procedural guidelines (in German). You can find an overview of the typical time schedule here (in German). Note: Please use the templates provided for the application and the interim and final reports. You can find the templates (in German) in the download center (in German).