Research awards

Research funding award

Since 2017, the Heidelberg University of Education has been issuing calls for proposals for internal teaching and research funding awards. These calls alternate every year. In 2021, the research funding prize will be awarded again.

The research funding award is intended to honor innovative research and development projects. Only proposals regarding research that has previously not or only to a limited extent received funding (especially without staff positions) will be considered for the award. The research projects do not have to be completed yet but should provide first substantial results.

Proposals for the research funding award should comply with the following criteria (this list is not exhaustive and not all criteria have to be met):

  • Degree of innovation of the project with respect to the research questions, the chosen research methodology, and / or the development and transfer concept
  • Covering of a socially especially relevant or precarious topic and / or a research topic of particular social responsibility
  • Taking up niche topics
  • Outstanding individual commitment of the researcher
  • Successful involvement of students in the research project (in the sense of research-based learning)
  • Special forms of public science and the involvement of the public or of social groups from outside of the university in the research project
  • Successful knowledge transfer between research and practice fields for mutual benefit
  • International orientation of the research project (bi- or multilateral)

All members of the university can propose individuals for the research funding award. Alternatively, researchers can apply on their own initiative. Proposals are to be submitted informally in writing via the office of the dean to the pro-rectorate for research, digitalization, and transfer before the due date. Proposals must be accompanied by a detailed statement with a maximum of three pages.