Research software at the HUoE

The Heidelberg University of Education provides various research software for its researchers through different channels. 

  • MAXQDA: The 11th version of the program for the transcription and evaluation of qualitative data is available to all members of the Heidelberg University of Education in the form of USB sticks. These can be borrowed from the library (Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for a maximum of three months. Graduate School members also have the option to borrow newer versions of the program in the  library with their valid membership card for a maximum of six months, provided that the membership card covers the loan period. 
    In addition, all members of the university have MAXQDA access on the PCs of the computer room A234 in the new building (Im Neuenheimer Feld 561).
  • F4: This transcription program is available to members of the Graduate School with a valid membership card through the library for a maximum of six months, provided that the membership card covers the loan period.
  • Atlas.ti: This software for qualitative data analysis and mixed methods is available to members of the university on PCs in the A234 computer room (10 licenses).
  • MPLUS: This program for structural equation models is installed on PCs in A234 (four licenses).
  • IBM SPSS Statistics: the current version of this statistical software is installed the pool rooms A233-A236 of the University of Education and can be used by a total of 15 users simultaneously, regardless of their location. 
    In addition, employees of the HUoE can obtain a one-year SPSS license from the university for their work PC and another device using the procurement form.
  • Citavi: the literature management software is available as a university license. All (employed and enrolled) university members can download the program, install it and generate their own license key with their university mail address to activate the program. Instructions can be found on the library's website.

Financial support for obtaining required research software

Graduate School members have the opportunity to fund the cost of research software acquired to carry out their research. For this purpose, they can submit an application within the (usually annual) call for proposals for grants for material and student assistants.


In addition to the aforementioned software, there are also free research programs, e.g.  

  • R and its user-friendly RStudio user interface, which enable a multitude of statistical evaluation methods and graphical representations,
  • JASP, which has functions similar to SPSS and additional analysis methods of Bayesian statistics,
  • G*Power for statistical power analysis.