Transfer of educational innovations

Research at the Heidelberg University of Education is in many cases application-oriented and generates innovations for the educational practice. Therefore, research projects are often also development projects. Traditionally, the theory-practice cooperation with schools and in the field of ​​continuing education is well developed. However, many educational innovations do not only provide additional value for the school sector, but also for numerous other educational contexts within the economy, cultural organizations, and society.  

Thus, the transfer of educational innovations relates to all social sectors and can be thought of as bidirectional: Not only does knowledge flow from the university into practice, but the application and transfer of educational innovations to new contexts also brings new knowledge back to the university. The Heidelberg University of Education therefore strives for practice cooperation at eye level.

The Heidelberg University of Education developed a transfer strategy in order to further systematize the realm of transfer. It aims at promoting the establishment and expansion of practice cooperation with partners in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and beyond over the next years.


In addition, the Heidelberg University of Education established a transfer center (in German).  

The aim of the transfer center is to bundle and support transfer activities and projects at the university. It ought to contribute to the successful initiation, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the transfer activities with the appropriate expertise and services. Furthermore, the transfer center is to act as a liaison between the university and regional actors or potential partners and to support, document, and evaluate cooperations.