Information for foreign applicants to Heidelberg University of Education (teacher training courses)

Thank you for your interest in studying at Heidelberg University of Education. If you have any questions about applying for a course of study, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Please send your application to the following address:
Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg
c/o UNI-ASSIST e. V.
Helmholtzstr. 2-9
10587 Berlin 

Application deadlines

  • 15 July for the winter semester
  • 15 January for the summer semester

Under Programmes you will find information on the subjects offered at the University, which will enable you to select your course of study and decide on the combination of subjects that best suits your requirements. 

Please note: Uni-assist in Berlin processes all applications for undergraduate programmes. For postgraduate courses, please submit your application directly to the University of Education (to the Studies Office) 

EU applicants

Foreign EU nationals – i.e. applicants from EU Member States who have not completed the German Abitur are considered equal to German applicants when applying for admission and should apply using the standard application form (PDF). 
EU nationals apply via the standard selection procedure: the average grade of their school leaving certificate is converted according to the German grading system and then assigned a number of "selection points". Further details on the process of allocating places can be found in: Selection procedure for undergraduate programmes. When applying via uni-assist, applicants can improve their chances of being accepted by enclosing documents that verify any practical experience they have acquired, as well as their school-leaving certificates. Uni-assist checks whether applicants are eligible to enter higher education and forwards the documents verifying their practical experience to the University of Education for evaluation. 

Non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals do not apply via the standard selection procedure. Heidelberg University of Education allocates 8% of its available places to applicants from non-EU countries.  

To apply, please use the application form for foreign nationals (PDF) and read the Heidelberg University of Education Information Brochure (PDF) for applicants from non-EU countries. 

Important information on the UNI-ASSIST procedure

Heidelberg University of Education relies on the uni-assist procedure as a means of pre-evaluating applications from foreign students. Uni-assist functions as an applications service, processing international applications to Heidelberg University of Education. The pre-evaluation service is subject to a fee. Uni-assist informs applicants directly of the outcome of the evaluation. Heidelberg University of Education will make the final decision on admission and registration and will send the applicant written notification of admission. 

What this means for you as the applicant:

  • You send your application to uni-assist in Berlin
  • The uni-assist application fee is €30 for applicants from EU Members States, €55 for non-EU nationals and €15 for each subsequent application. 
  • You may apply to several uni-assist institutions at the same time.
  • If you are applying to several uni-assist institutions simultaneously, you need only provide one set of notarised documents. If applicants submit multiple applications, the fee is reduced accordingly.

You will find further details on this topic on the homepage of uni-assist. 

Entry requirements for foreign students

The following information is aimed at prospective students to Heidelberg University of Education who neither have the German Abitur nor hold German citizenship. 

In order to obtain a place at the University, you must fulfil the following entry requirements:

Specific information on the necessary university entrance qualifications, preparatory courses, entrance examinations, language requirements and the DSH exam (German language university entrance exam for foreign students) can be found here (PDF). 

Please direct enquiries to the Studies Office 

Ms Schäfer (for EU nationals) 


Mr Reuther (for non-EU nationals)  

International Office

In contrast to the Studies Office, which is responsible for dealing with applications for courses of study, the International Office provides students with information and advice regarding support and supervision, going abroad, and many other concerns. 

Students applying for a place on one of Heidelberg University of Education's exchange programmes (ERASMUS, the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM programme etc.), as well as other types of scholarship holder (e.g. DAAD, PAD etc.) and students applying for a brief period of study abroad (free mover), should submit their applications for temporary enrolment at Heidelberg University of Education to the International Office/Intercultural Forum (AAA/IF). 

The International Office/Intercultural Forum is located in the University's Old Building, in rooms 150- 154a on Keplerstrasse 87.

For further information and details on the various contact people, please e-mail akad(at)