Information about the uni-assist procedure

The Heidelberg University of Education relies on the uni-assist procedure as a means of pre-evaluating applications for admission submitted by those who are not German nationals. Uni-assist is the work and service bureau for international applications to the University of Education. This pre-evaluation is conducted on a fee-paying basis. The result of the uni-assist evaluation is communicated directly to the applicant; the decision regarding admission to and registration at the University of Education will still be made at the University of Education itself, with admitted students receiving notices in this regard directly from the University.

For you as applicant, this means:

  • You send your application to uni-assist in Berlin.
  • The pre-evaluation costs €30 for applicants who are EU nationals,  €55 for applicants who are not EU nationals, and an extra €15 for each additional application.
  • You can apply to other uni-assist higher educational institutions at the same time.
  • If you are applying to several uni-assist institutions simultaneously, you need only provide one set of notarized copies.  The cost is reduced accordingly in the event of multiple applications.

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