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Self-access learning centre

Theself-access learning centre is open for business. Come along and see for yourselves in A308.


Fancy going abroad?

Come to our International Stand in the course of the semester and explore our international programs in the English Department! Come by and find out more about our programs and the application process! Plus: Win amazing goodies! Looking forward to meeting and talking to you!

Next International Stand: Watch this space.

Your English Department


TALE project - Teachers' Assessment Literacy Enhancement

This EU-funded project "Teachers' Asessment Literacy Enhancement" (TALE) aims at creating an efficient and sustainable training  infrastructure for English language teachers who wish to develop their skills with regard to language assessment.  Please visit the project website or the Facebook site for further information.

Free online self-study course and free handbook on

The TALE project has won the British Council Innovations in Assessment Research Award 2019! Congratulations to the whole project team.



The English department is proud to announce its excellent result in the nationwide research rating by the German Wissenschaftsrat (2012)!

Ines Sperling won the Michael-Raubal Award for her dissertation "Intercultural learning during teaching practice abroad" (2018).

With their teams, Nina Baur and Lucas Hämmerle win silver and bronze medals as Unified Partners at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in the United Arab Emirates - Congratulations! Read more here.

The members of the ERASMUS+ TALE project ( have won the British Council Innovations in Assessment Prize 2019.

Esther Jaskorski has won the Raubal Prize for her dissertation "The assessment of spelling in the EFL classroom" (2020)


Going abroad for teaching practice:

Wales (ERASMUS programme) - more information; next possible dates: 2021 (deadline: 31 October 2020) - Accreditation possible for PO 2011, 2015

Dublin (ERASMUS programme) - more information; next possible dates: 2021 (deadline for applications: 30 April 2021) - Accreditation possible for PO 2011, PO 2015

England (Bristol, Norton Hill / Somerset, Canterbury, ERASMUS programme) - next possible dates: 2020/2021  (six months from September to March, deadline for applications: 15 May 2021); accreditation possible for PO 2011, PO 2015

In general, teaching practice periods can now be funded by the DAAD Lehramt International programme (1-6 months, more information here). The English department will be happy to help you with your application to our partner schools.

South Africa - at least three months (Jan-Mar, April to June, July to September, October to December) , supported by the foundation "Kinder fördern, Zukunft stiften" - for BA and MA students and for graduates after their studies; applications to Prof. Karin Vogt.

Going abroad to a European partner university:

Cyprus (ERASMUS programme) - for placements at the University of Cyprus please contact Prof. Karin Vogt anytime.

Jaén (Andalusia) (ERASMUS programme) - for more information please contact Prof. Rymarczyk.

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