Célio B. Sengo made his bachelor in computer science teaching at Pedagogic University in Mozambique (UP), where he got scholarship to study his master in Information Technology in Punjab Technical University in India. Since 2008 he is teaching programming subjects, especially web applications and advanced java. He has also been web developer at Computer Science Center at UP, where he developed a lot of web applications for supporting the management process, like the SISPOG (Post Graduation Information System) and SIGPRO (Research Project Management Information System).  He is also a member of the Admission Commission at UP, where he developed the first fully online based system for processes.  Along with theses, he has also been involved in research projects focused on the use of Information Systems for the support of the learning and teaching process, where he published articles at the "2nd National Conference for Distance Learning" in 2014 and "I Colloquium Pedagogical University: 30 Years in Mozambique's development support" in 2015.

PhD project

Gamified Flipped Classrooms in Mozambican Programming Courses

Flipped Classroom and Gamification has been widely used to boost engagement and motivation on students in subjects like programming, which are seen as difficult. Although some researchers combine both methods, there is no satisfying study that shows the effects of both methods in combination. The research project aims to study the effects of gamification and flipped classrooms on motivation and learning outcomes, as well as to verify the students' and teachers' perceptions in different classes. The research will be conducted in computer science programming subjects at Universidade Pedagógica (UP) in Mozambique. Design based research will be used to develop and adapt the gamified flipped classroom environment to the Mozambican context, where interviews will be used to check the students' and teachers' perceptions. Then, an experiment will be done on the developed environment in order to study the effects on learning outcomes and motivation.