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Guest lecture: "Introduction To Research On Physics Teaching For Teachers"

A talk given by Professor Dan MacIsaac, Ph.D, international teaching fellow

Professor Dan MacIsaac, Ph.D. (SUNY-Buffalo State College in Buffalo/USA) is currently a full-time fellow at the Heidelberg University of Education, Institute for Natural Sciences, Geography and Technical Education. He will give a guest lecture on "An Introducation to Research on Physics Teacher Preparation for Teachers": Physics Education Seminar (online) is designed to lay a foundation of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in high school Physics Teaching scholarship, to engage high school Physics Teachers as practical consumers of physics and science education scholarship, and to foster critical reflection on their own teaching practices. We describe content, activity, and lessons learned from offering PHY500 to more than 125 high school physics teachers since 2002.

The talk will take place on Tuesday, 25 June. The beginning is 16.00 pm in room B.107 (Im Neuenheimer Feld 561, D-69120 Heidelberg).

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