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Workshop: "From Aggressive Leadership to Empowering Children in Classrooms" [canceled]

The event has been canceled due to corona. We ask for your understanding.

Current notice
The event has been canceled due to corona. Current information on the university's handling of the corona virus can be found at www.ph-heidelberg.de/coronavirus.

Matzmichim – The Israeli Violence Reduction Organization is a non-governmental, non-profit association. It was established as German-Israeli cooperation project in 2004 as an initiative to prevent and reduce violence through an education of peace and encounter the growing tensions and increasing division within the Israely society in a time of crisis. To this end, Matzmichim has developed its own unique intervention methodology which is based on international research results, transforming classrooms into safer and more nurturing environments.

Conducted by co-founder and CEO Yony Tsouna, this three day workshop is a combination of an introduction to the theoretical knowledge on the subject of violence in its various forms as well as to a set of techniques that can be employed in the educational practice to successfully reduce aggression, different forms of bullying and virtual violence. During the seminar, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in excercises that are a part of Matzmichim's regular classroom interventions, reflect their own experiences with different forms of violence and their role as an educational professional as well as there being the chance of acting as instructor for a group excercise in order to try enhance individual group managing skills.

The workshop will take place from June 2nd to June 4th 2020. It will be held in simple English, but German presentations and accompanying material will be provided. The offer is designed for prospective teachers currently studying at Heidelberg University of Education (as a project seminar within the ÜSB) or Heidelberg University. HUoE students can register via Stud.IP. Your contact person at University of Education is Nicolas Elsaesser (referent for the ÜSB).

For further information please see www.ph-heidelberg.de/uesb.


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Aktuelle Informationen zum Umgang der Hochschule mit dem Coronavirus finden Sie unter www.ph-heidelberg.de/coronavirus.


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