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Online-Workshop: "Abstract Writing"

An offer by Professor Dr. Bassey E. Antia (University of the Western Cape). A registration is necessary.

As a literacy event, the abstract (of an article, a conference presentation) represents an important aspect of the academic citizenship of established scholars. It is also critical in inducting students and early career academics into a broadly conceptualized notion of academic literacy/ies as 'fluency in the particular ways of thinking, doing, being, reading and writing which are peculiar to academic contexts' (Lillis and Scott 2007: 16).
Regrettably, in many environments, a learning by doing approach with variable outcomes is adopted in a bid to develop competence in thinking with/about abstracts, reading and writing abstracts, critiquing abstracts, and so on. Many a graduate student might have been spared delays in conceptualising their research projects or disappointments upon responding to Conference Calls if abstract writing had been the object of explicit instruction.

In this one-day workshop, the DAAD Guest-Professor Professor Dr. Bassey E. Antia will draw on genre theory to introduce participants to issues in the writing of academic abstracts in English. He will present a number of relevant support conceptualization of research, analysis of abstracts in one's own field, writing of abstracts and the formal evaluation of abstracts. In the first part of the workshop, there will be theoretical input, sample analyses and discussion. In the second part, participants will have an opportunity to write an abstract, and submit for peer-review and feedback.

The workshop will take place on Monday, 28 September via zoom; notes on data processing can be found here (in German only): www.ph-heidelberg.de/webmeeting [PDF; ca. 0,2 MB]. A registration via e-mail to graduateschool@remove-this.ph-heidelberg.de is necessary.

You can find further information under www.ph-heidelberg.de/gs.


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