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Digital Lecture Series: "Promoting Critical Media Literacy in Educational Contexts"

The digital event with Douglas Kellner and Jeff Share (University of California) offers the opportunity to look back and to develop new ideas for the future.

The final instalment of the lecture series "Critical Media Literacy: A Challenge for Teacher Education and Beyond" marks a major milestone in the transatlantic initiative: For the past six months, researchers from Heidelberg University, Heidelberg University of Education and Teachers College at Columbia University have presented their work on a broad array of aspects related to Critical Media Literacy (CML), its implications for teacher education, and modern democratic societies of our time. Together, they have created a bi-weekly interdisciplinary platform for debate, exchanging thoughts, and learning from each other.

The organizers are proud to conclude the lecture series with a special event presenting an opportunity to look back on what they have achieved, and to devise a vision where they want to go from here. As always, they are keen to share what they are doing with the broader academic and non-academic public, and to provide all interested with a chance to ask questions, and join the debate. Accordingly, the programme features a highlights video summing up some of the most fascinating, illuminating, and funny moments of the lecture series, a guest talk by two icons in the field of CML – Douglas Kellner and Jeff Share of the University of California, Los Angeles – and a panel discussion bringing together contributors to the lecture series from Heidelberg and New York.

The online-event will take place on Tuesday, November 30th at 7 p.m. and via Zoom. The event language is English; no prior registration required.

You can find more information at www.hse-heidelberg.de/cmllectures-finale.

About Heidelberg School of Education
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