Lecture: "Newcomers' views of CLIL modules: Pupils and student teachers after their first CLIL-lessons"

Prof. Dr. Jutta Rymarczyk (English Didactics) reports on her research in the summer semester 2023.

The picture shows the building of the Heidelberg University of Education at Zeppelinstraße 3.

As a bilingual enrichment program, Content and Language Integrated (CLIL) has been a success story in Europe for more than forty years, yet there are still many research desiderata. Based on the belief that a close integration of theory, practice and reflection is important, the research of Prof. Dr. Jutta Rymarczyk (English Didactics) seeks to give voice to the key stakeholders of CLIL, namely pupils and student teachers.

Her lecture on Thursday, 25th July 2024 describes an ongoing action research project that aims to explore pupils‘ and student teachers' perceptions of their first CLIL-lessons in order to develop empirically informed training for this bilingual programme. The English-language event will take place in room 107 in the building Zep 3 of the University of Education Heidelberg (Zeppelinstraße 3, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany). Interested parties are very welcome.

Further information on the speaker can be found at www.ph-heidelberg.de/englisch.