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Round Table: "Social Net(work)s in Education and Language Sciences"


The Round Table will take place on 15 June 2018. Participants are required to register.

From microblogging to picture sharing, from political news to peer-based language lessons – Social Networks (such as Twitter, Snapchat, or alternatives in educational contexts) have developed enormously during the last few years. These kinds of technologies are not just interesting within the context of private affairs, but they can also generate an additional value for the benefit of modern (informal) learning – both at schools and universities. In debates about an appropriate education of our following generations, the subject of Social Networking Sites (SNS) is never missing. Schools are increasingly tasked to integrate SNS in practical classes and to be open to new practices in education.

The Round Table "Social Net(work)s in Education and Language Sciences" is an initiative of the Heidelberg School of Education. It is devoted to questions about the use of SNS in educational contexts and offers a dialog between innovative practices and research in the fields of education, media sciences and foreign language didactics. The program is particularly suited for young researchers and foreign language teachers. The event will take place at Heidelberg University of Education (Keplerstraße 87, 69120 Heidelberg/Germany).

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