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Sharing Worldviews: Learning in Encounter for common Values in Diversity

Western societies are facing rapid demographic change. Today, and not only in Germany, the rather homogeneous worldview of citizens has diversified into a multitude of different religious, spiritual or secular interpretations of the world - with corresponding tendencies towards claims to absoluteness. If the grand narratives have lost their power to shape society and parallel societies are to be avoided, dialogue and encounter are indispensable for social cohesion.

IRBL is going international and digital:

The previously university-only additional qualification "Interreligious Encounter Learning" has developed into an international European certificate and has now been approved as an Erasmus+ project! Students and lecturers of the Institute of Philosophy and Theology now have the great opportunity to participate in an international Erasmus+ project and to be part of international, interreligious and intercultural encounters over the next two years.

An information event on the contents, performance requirements, study organisation etc. for "Interreligious Encounter Learning/Sharing Worldviews" will take place under the direction of Prof. Boehme for the next semester in October 2022.

International Study Days on transnational Encounter Learning of Worldviews

On May 16 and 17, the Heidelberg University of Education (PH) invited students from Greece, Austria, Turkey and Germany to two digital encounter days. The event was aimed at international multipliers in the field of education as well as student teachers in the fields of religion, ethics and philosophy. Read more... (PDF, ca. 0,2 MB)