The project "Programme for the [Promotion of] International Mobility in Primary School Teacher Education" (ProMobiLGS) is funded by the programme "Lehramt.International" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) until December 2024 after successful application for follow-up funding.

The primary goal is to establish structured mobility windows for prospective primary school teachers and thus for the first time to achieve full recognition of academic achievements earned abroad.

The project is managed by the Center for International Teacher Education (CITE); it cooperates closely with the university board, the subjects and the quality management unit. Further partners are currently five universities in Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA. Additional partners are to follow in the course of the project.

Information on the call for applications and on the scholarships for study visits can be found in the downloadable presentation (PDF, ca. 700 KB).

Our partners:

Virginia Wesleyan University, USA

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

University of Teacher Education Zug, Switzerland

University of Teacher Education Lucerne, Switzerland

Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey

A new DAAD programme:

Lehramt.International "Internationalisation of Teacher Education"

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) have identified student teachers as one of the internationally less mobile groups of students. However, future teachers in particular should gain study- and work-related experience outside their own education system.

The "Lehramt.International" programme developed by the BMBF and the DAAD responds to this challenge. In order to achieve the programme's objectives, the programme pursues a holistic approach which addresses higher education institutions, students and policy-makers in three modules:

Module A: model projects at German universities

Module B: internships abroad for student teachers and graduates

Module C: information, consulting policy dialogue

In Module A "model projects", the universities are called upon to make a sustainable contribution to the increased international orientation of teacher education by establishing fixed structures for the recognition of academic achievements and the establishment of mobility windows. The methodological and professional competence as well as the intercultural competence of students and teachers are to be expanded, and graduates of teacher education with experience abroad are to be prepared for working in intercultural classes.

"Germany's future teachers work in an increasingly globalised environment. International experience and intercultural knowledge help them to teach well. The DAAD supports teacher education students during their stays abroad and the universities in the internationalisation of teacher education courses. We advise politicians on how to remove structural obstacles to the opening up of teacher education". (DAAD)


Project Management
Akad. Dir. Henrike Schön
Director AAA/CITE
Room 153 (old PH building)
+49 6221 477-544
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Anja Bast-Schneider M.A.
Managing Director CITE
Staff member ProMobiLGS
Room 200 (old PH building)
+49 6221 477-482
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Ruurd Bruin M.A.
Staff member ProMobiLGS
Room 221 (old PH building)
+49 6221 477-174
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Project Assistant
Kaya Uhlmann
Room 221 (old PH building)
+49 6221 477-147
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